Ask the Developer

The good boys over at Pantheon made this sketch. It hits too close to home, or it would have if we hadn’t learned a valuable lesson.

Do what you are exceptional at, let others do what you’re not an expert at.

An example of that is, bring really good at cooking things. You may not be good at building kitchens. Don’t spend your time and money on building kitchens.

Pantheon is really making a point here. They are better at hosing than you are. Which is probably true. The developer in that video can let Pantheon do the hosting for his company, so he doesn’t need to worry about uptimes and maintenance. He can instead focus on bolting UX and UI to his website’s V12 cloud engine.

The Expert

A while ago, I read an article, about a company (Storage Technology), that in the 80′s had a very expensive problem that resulted in one of their systems continually crashing. The solution of course was simple and probably not that expensive.

8 Useful JIRA Filters

I’ve had to keep track of development within my department for years now. My team has been dozens deep and at that scale it can become quite difficult to see anything. A while back we switched over to JIRA, noticed it was using a SQL-esque syntax and I started having some fun.

Move Fast and Break Things

Professionally Migrating WordPress

What I’m about to cover is centered around taking a clean, working WordPress installation and moving it. That could be to another server, another domain, or bringing it down to setup a local development environment.

This is Fine

User Pain

In the fast paced world of application development we deal with many things. Software limitations, lack of standardization in the industry, lack of time, resources, and/or quality. These things (and more) lead to bugged, erroneous or just plain bad applications…

As developers, we hate poor quality and we hate it when our products aren’t up to snuff. Take pride in your craft, do it well and do it right.

Coffee with Sterling Hamilton

Interview by Noble Studios

I was recently interviewed by James Ball, a Creative Copywriter at Noble Studios. Being the Lead Developer over there is a constantly changing and challenging role. Agency life, as many will tell you, is not for the faint of heart. The interview allowed for some serious and some not so serious dialogue to happen and the value that provided was insight into the company and how it works.