8 Useful JIRA Filters

I’ve had to keep track of development within my department for years now. My team has been dozens deep and at that scale it can become quite difficult to see anything. A while back we switched over to JIRA, noticed it was using a SQL-esque syntax and I started having some fun.

We created several custom fields and groups from there we were able to ask the following questions and then answer them. Anything you see that looks like this “{{SOMETHING}}” means you’re support to swap that out for a real value.

1. What work is awaiting assignment?

We have a radio button called “Needs Assignment” and you can choose a department from within there.

This makes some assumptions. I don’t care about Blocked tasks. I don’t care about Closed tasks. I only want statuses I would expect issues to be in, and still need actual assignment. If you want to assign a blocked task… ok I’ll do that haha.

2. Who is working on what?

3. What issues are assigned to my team and I am not a water on?

4. What issues have I been mentioned on in the last week?

5. What tasks have stalled after completion?

Basically, within the last 6 weeks, has work been completed but left in “verify” which can mean it was never QA’d, deployed or approved.

6. What are all the things in my department right now that are not done?

7. What have we been asked to do so far this year?

8. What is about to go live?


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  1. Reply Anna May 19, 2016 at 03:53

    Hi Sterling,

    Great article. I’m having the same wish, to see:

    No 4. What issues have I been mentioned on in the last week?

    (summary ~ currentUser() OR description ~ currentUser() OR comment ~ currentUser()) AND updatedDate >= -7d ORDER BY updatedDate

    However, doesn’t this SQL-esque syntax, show:

    What issues that I have ever been mentioned on, that has been updated within the last 7 days.

    If I was entioned in an issue 2 weeks ago, but the issue was updated yesterday (with something that does not concern me, because my input was done 2 weeks ago) I think it will still be showen with this filter.

    Do you have any suggestions how to order the result by: when I was mentioned?

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