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Solution: Outlook Keeps Asking Me for My Password – macOS Sierra 10.12.2

This is a fun one. The kind of problem that makes you throw your computer in the dumpster. But fear not. The fix is super simple.

Sometimes, for various reasons, you may need to change your Password on your machine.
You might notice that Outlook (15.30) is asking you for your password EVERY GOD DAMN SECOND.

Now to be clear, it’s not asking for Keychain access. It’s just asking for the password.
If you type your username or password in, and they are not correct, you’ll get a nice error saying that you are wrong and should try to suck less.

But, in the particular problem, you type it all in correctly, the login screen goes away, then just pops back up asking for MOAR.

The solution:

  1. Open up your “Keychain Access” application.
  2. Click Passwords.
  3. You can delete them all, and that’s not a big deal.
    You could also be more surgical, and find references to Microsoft Office Identities and MSOpenTech and delete those.
  4. Close Outlook.
  5. Re-open Outlook.
  6. Type in your password for the LAST GOD DAMN TIME.
  7. Realize you’ve missed 246 e-mails that day.

Password Cracking: Computerphile

Computerphile put out this video on the basics of password encryption, decryption, security and so on. It’s great to have a fundamental understanding of how these things work in order to run a safe and successful business as well as being a halfway decent developer.

‘Beast’ cracks billions of passwords a second, Dr Mike Pound demonstrates why you should probably change your passwords…

With that, I’ll let the video speak for itself!


WordPress Post Status for WP Query: Unexpected Results?

I’ve run into this a few times.

You’re on a website, you notice that results seem to be different when you query the database depending on if you are on Page A, vs Page B — or if you are logged in vs logged out.
You start asking questions like “is my plugin broken?” and “did I introduce a bug or something”?

Answer is probably “no”.

Many things depend on WP_Query within WordPress. It has some out of the box functionality that you may not know about.

Pre-Commit Hook

Git Hook: Pre-Commit for DEBUG Comments

Will Smith sends his regards…

Now this is a story all about how
My project got flipped-turned upside down
And I’d like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I’ll tell you how I made the this git commit hook right here:


Learn you a Pantheon: Change Default Login Page

A follow up discussion came out of my previous post: Learn you a Pantheon: Supporting Organizations

As I was talking with other developers, we discussed that when you are individually listed on a Site within Pantheon it shows up on your default dashboard.

Pantheon Dashboard

That dashboard is nice, it gives you some thumbnails so you can visually see each website. But, this is a narrow purview for people who are on teams.

Pantheon Dashboard Tour

Learn you a Pantheon: Supporting Organizations

I know lots of people, freelancers, clients and agencies using Pantheon for their WordPress and Drupal needs.

Continually I see people collaborating across projects, and granting developers permissions to collaborate by adding them directly via e-mail addresses to their Pantheon projects.

This is… “fine”? I’m not a big fan of “fine”.

Nope, not OK.

There’s a better way.

Google AMP

Let’s Talk about Google AMP

The world likes to latch onto new shiny things. Enter Google AMP.

For Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), and most new things, there’s a lot of fear, uncertainty, and doubt going around. In stark contrast to my previous statement… there’s also a ton of people clamoring to just pick this technology up and run with it.

The FUD comes from people who are telling you, that you need this. The clamoring comes from the people who want to follow leaders and hear that this is a popular thing, and they like to do what is popular.

I’m not a fan of either of those situations.

I want my clients, my co-workers and the industry to be well informed. I’m not going to spend lots of time re-hashing the same thing everyone else is saying. Those in this industry who know how things work and understand the purpose behind advancements in technology, are in a prime position to support, innovate and be impactful on a scale that dwarfs those who just go through the motions.

With that, let’s begin.

Aerial Screensaver

Aerial: A damn pretty screensaver

Apple has been showing off their new hotness here and there. Some of that hotness comes in the form of the latest iteration of the Apple TV. One of the features I was drawn to when it was initially announced was the new screensaver.

I know right? What your computer looks like when you’re not near it is WAY important. You know you agree… deep down inside.

IT Crowd Popcorna

The WordPress Noob: Common Mistakes

A question appeared on the “Advanced WordPress” Group on Facebook

What are some of the most common mistakes made by WordPress developer newbies?

I decided to quickly punch out a few things I’ve encountered in my years of WordPress development. Figured that it would be a shame that the list that got so much praise would end up getting buried on Facebook to never be seen again. If you’re a noob I hope this helps!

Ask the Developer

The good boys over at Pantheon made this sketch. It hits too close to home, or it would have if we hadn’t learned a valuable lesson.

Do what you are exceptional at, let others do what you’re not an expert at.

An example of that is, bring really good at cooking things. You may not be good at building kitchens. Don’t spend your time and money on building kitchens.

Pantheon is really making a point here. They are better at hosting than you are. Which is probably true. The developer in that video can let Pantheon do the hosting for his company, so he doesn’t need to worry about uptimes and maintenance. He can instead focus on bolting UX and UI to his website’s V12 cloud engine.

+1 shekel to Travis for catching my typo.