Coffee with Sterling Hamilton

Interview by Noble Studios

I was recently interviewed by James Ball, a Creative Copywriter at Noble Studios. Being the Lead Developer over there is a constantly changing and challenging role. Agency life, as many will tell you, is not for the faint of heart. The interview allowed for some serious and some not so serious dialogue to happen and the value that provided was insight into the company and how it works.

This was my first time really being interviewed by anyone, and James did a great job getting me to answer some key questions and pulling out the salient material from my probably incoherent responses.

My first cobblestone that I started here was a project for Google.

Google wanted me to build this project out in two weeks. They told me it was going to be a LAMP stack and that it was going to be WordPress. It was going to be a standard thing, but all of a sudden it turned into, “yeah, it’s not LAMP Stack at all and it’s in a completely different language, and we’ve committed and we’ve already been paid, so you need to figure it out.” I’d already asked for a two-week vacation right after that, so we couldn’t slip. We got it done in the end.

The coolest part was when we delivered it to Google. I hopped on the phone with three separate Google engineers who are super-bright people and they were like, “how did you get this to work?” What I had done was very, very scrappy and they were like, “Wow.”

I’m always proud of when people can fully appreciate the depth of the work being done.

Tim Miley, the Creative Director over at Noble Studios took some great photography during the interview which helped provide a visual the article as well as demonstrated the vibe in which it was conducted. It was a casual sit down over some coffee, which is where the series gets the name from “A Coffee With…”.

I hope to see James and Noble do many more of them as it provides insights into the heart and soul of the organization and the people who are really passionate about what they do there.

Head on over to their blog to read the rest of it: A Coffee With…Sterling Hamilton

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