Learn you a Pantheon: Change Default Login Page

A follow up discussion came out of my previous post: Learn you a Pantheon: Supporting Organizations

As I was talking with other developers, we discussed that when you are individually listed on a Site within Pantheon it shows up on your default dashboard.

Pantheon Dashboard

That dashboard is nice, it gives you some thumbnails so you can visually see each website. But, this is a narrow purview for people who are on teams.

Instead, you want something like this:

Pantheon Dashboard Tour

Now… I know what you are thinking. Every single time you login, you see a blank dashboard and the you have to click Organizations and then you get to that awesome screen. Which is lame. I agree with you.

THERE IS A SOLUTION. Obligatory documentation.

You can change the default page you land on when you login!

As of the writing of this post, here is the process:

  • Login (inorite?!)
  • Make sure you are on the “Sites” tab.
  • Click “Account”.
  • Click “Login Destination”.

Call it a wrap.

You have officially saved yourself a click and a half. Enjoy your slightly more efficient life!


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