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Learn you a Pantheon: Supporting Organizations

I know lots of people, freelancers, clients and agencies using Pantheon for their WordPress and Drupal needs.

Continually I see people collaborating across projects, and granting developers permissions to collaborate by adding them directly via e-mail addresses to their Pantheon projects.

This is… “fine”? I’m not a big fan of “fine”.

Nope, not OK.

There’s a better way.

I like to operate in teams. I work on a team at Noble Studios. I work on various freelancing teams. I work on open source teams. Teams is where it’s at. It also means, that as people are added to the team or leave the team, no additional overhead is created.

Pantheon, has this feature called “Support Organizations”.

Here’s some documentation for Organizations on Pantheon.

Pantheon Organizations bring together users, sites, custom upstreams, and support tickets; and provide administrators with the tools needed to effectively manage a large number of sites.

They have different kinds of organizations for Agencies and EDU — so make sure you choose the right one depending on your team’s role for the project.

Anyway, after you’ve made an Organization. You can have your client go into their team management and add it.

Here’s some documentation on Site Team Management.

Specifically, here’s the part on Adding a Supporting Organization.

Note: Because Supporting Organizations have full access to a site, only the site owner can perform this action.

This will now allow you to go to your Organization’s Dashboard and see all the sites your team has been added to.

That’s it. Now you can develop, grow your team, shrink your team and not encounter perpetual overhead.

Now get out there and break something.

Plz fix later.

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