Set Appropriate Timezones for WordPress

You should avoid keeping your WordPress install at the default UTC timezone it’s set to when you first install it. Also avoid doing what I commonly see in many WordPress installs, which is using UTC values.

WordPress has a support article on this:

Your blog’s timezone is set to Coordinated Universal Time, UTC by default, which is in London, UK. If you live in a different area of the world you will likely want to change this option. The current UTC time is listed to the right to make it easier to determine your timezone offset. As an example, when Daylight Saving Time is not going on, Boston, MA would be UTC-5. You can find the timezones of many cities here:

There’s actually other values in that dropdown outside of UTC…including one for Los Angeles. These things can be important for a bunch of reasons down the road on your website. Years of experience have taught me this: Data surrounding “time” can become quite difficult and complex, be sure to get it right as soon as possible to avoid pain and suffering.

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You can set the timezone setting by logging into your WordPress install, going to Settings > General.

The dropdown will look something like this:



Another way of doing it, if you’re using WP-CLI:


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