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Learn you a Pantheon: Change Default Login Page

A follow up discussion came out of my previous post: Learn you a Pantheon: Supporting Organizations

As I was talking with other developers, we discussed that when you are individually listed on a Site within Pantheon it shows up on your default dashboard.

Pantheon Dashboard

That dashboard is nice, it gives you some thumbnails so you can visually see each website. But, this is a narrow purview for people who are on teams.

Pantheon Dashboard Tour

Learn you a Pantheon: Supporting Organizations

I know lots of people, freelancers, clients and agencies using Pantheon for their WordPress and Drupal needs.

Continually I see people collaborating across projects, and granting developers permissions to collaborate by adding them directly via e-mail addresses to their Pantheon projects.

This is… “fine”? I’m not a big fan of “fine”.

Nope, not OK.

There’s a better way.

Ask the Developer

The good boys over at Pantheon made this sketch. It hits too close to home, or it would have if we hadn’t learned a valuable lesson.

Do what you are exceptional at, let others do what you’re not an expert at.

An example of that is, bring really good at cooking things. You may not be good at building kitchens. Don’t spend your time and money on building kitchens.

Pantheon is really making a point here. They are better at hosting than you are. Which is probably true. The developer in that video can let Pantheon do the hosting for his company, so he doesn’t need to worry about uptimes and maintenance. He can instead focus on bolting UX and UI to his website’s V12 cloud engine.

+1 shekel to Travis for catching my typo.