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WordPress Post Status for WP Query: Unexpected Results?

I’ve run into this a few times.

You’re on a website, you notice that results seem to be different when you query the database depending on if you are on Page A, vs Page B — or if you are logged in vs logged out.
You start asking questions like “is my plugin broken?” and “did I introduce a bug or something”?

Answer is probably “no”.

Many things depend on WP_Query within WordPress. It has some out of the box functionality that you may not know about.

Pantheon Dashboard Tour

Learn you a Pantheon: Supporting Organizations

I know lots of people, freelancers, clients and agencies using Pantheon for their WordPress and Drupal needs.

Continually I see people collaborating across projects, and granting developers permissions to collaborate by adding them directly via e-mail addresses to their Pantheon projects.

This is… “fine”? I’m not a big fan of “fine”.

Nope, not OK.

There’s a better way.

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The WordPress Noob: Common Mistakes

A question appeared on the “Advanced WordPress” Group on Facebook

What are some of the most common mistakes made by WordPress developer newbies?

I decided to quickly punch out a few things I’ve encountered in my years of WordPress development. Figured that it would be a shame that the list that got so much praise would end up getting buried on Facebook to never be seen again. If you’re a noob I hope this helps!

Move Fast and Break Things

Professionally Migrating WordPress

What I’m about to cover is centered around taking a clean, working WordPress installation and moving it. That could be to another server, another domain, or bringing it down to setup a local development environment.


Order by Meta Values

Huge props to Chris McCoy A.K.A “fris” (GitHub / Twitter) for schooling me in using add_filter for this.

I needed to add custom fields to the post type: Post within WordPress. That’s not problematic, in fact it’s rather quite easy. But, ordering Posts based on the assigned value of my custom field… that isn’t super straight forward.


The Power of WordPress: Potential and Perspective

At Noble Studios, we support many platforms and technologies. One of our favorite “go to” content management system (CMS) platforms is WordPress. When it comes to market share for CMS, there is some dispute over the popularity of WordPress. Some say it’s 90% of the CMS market, others say it is 50-60%. Regardless, it’s currently the most popular CMS platform with some 60,000,000 WordPress websites worldwide.